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#TeleSmart20: Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Dream?

When it came to launching my own business, I needed a plan. I couldn’t just work it out on a cocktail napkin. I needed time to think it through. I might be brave and adventurous, but I’m also very methodical. An entrepreneurial friend told me that she’d registered for a Business Planning Class through the San Francisco… Read more »

How Do YOU Do money?

Inside sales is a lucrative career where you can bank some major bucks — just check out The Bridge Group Inc.‘s compensation calculator or their Inside Sales Metrics and Compensation reports. It is not usual for an SDR working in a Silicon Valley company to have an on-target comp package up to $125K. So what are… Read more »

Calling for backup! Managers, join your team for training

Pop diva demands have gotten out of hand: Justin Bieber wants herbal tea, deli meats, veggies, Swedish fish, and Ritz Bits in his dressing room.  Mariah Carey demands chilled Cristal, two dozen white roses, and dark-colored couches without busy patterns for her dressing room. You can call me the inside sales diva, but my demands… Read more »

What am I afraid of?

Halloween is when ghosts, goblins, witches, skeletons, zombies and all scary things surface. They POP out of creepy haunted houses with blood-curdling screams and noises intended to frighten us. So when I read the article in the New York Times called “What are you so afraid of?” I felt like Halloween was the perfect time to come… Read more »