Inside Sales Thought Leadership

Your Biggest Social Selling ROI = Your Reputation

Fewer and fewer salespeople are taking responsibility these days, throughout the sales cycle and in decision-making situations. Some of this is because Customer 2.0 is so elusive and unpredictable, but there’s another reason: salespeople place more value on protecting or enhancing their reputation than on owning something throughout the sales cycle. Thomas Friedman explains this… Read more »

Millennial Inside Sales Teams Are Doping with Red Bull

On a sunny summer Friday afternoon, I looked around my training room and glanced out at a small sea of Millennials. Thirteen of them, 85% men, sat in classroom-style seating, and all — men and women alike — were clearly showing signs of Red Bull doping: jittery, minds racing, eyes bulging. I had to repeat instructions at… Read more »

Millennials Are SO Over Talking-Head Training

I’m scaling my training down, down, down these days — two days is too much, one full-day is still too much, and a half-day still seems challenging. I regularly get requests for a one-hour training. But what I’m realizing is that it’s not the length of the training, but how it is delivered. As I… Read more »

The Phone Requires You to Be Here NOW

We are floating in a  sea of virtual engagement. Everyone posts their best selfie, writes their most marketable LinkedIn profile, chooses the most professional corporate photo for their LinkedIn picture, prepares that generic email, and puts their makeup on before turning on their webcam. Or they may just sit back and read content, expressing only… Read more »

Back from Vacation? Time to Get Your Prospecting Mojo Back.

So you and your inside sales colleagues are starting to come back from vacation. While the break can be refreshing, it can also be tough to get back into the flow of things. That’s especially true of one of the toughest job in inside sales: prospecting. Effective prospecting is something that’s built over time and requires… Read more »