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Generation C Is All about Collaborating

I recently received an inbound call from an interested prospect — a young sales leader — who was VERY interested in me providing her with a training proposal WHILE WE WERE ON THE CALL. I felt like a human ROI calculator there for a minute! In the age of filling out online contact forms and… Read more »

What Managers Should Know About Remote Inside Sales Reps

As it gets harder to find and keep good inside sales talent, the question about hiring remote workers keeps coming up. According to a recent study published by the American Sociological Review, employees almost doubled the amount of productive time they spent working from home. Managers are not always sure the best way to manage their… Read more »

10 Signs High Maintenance Millennials Are Dominating Your Inside Sales Team

Millennials are the future of inside sales. In just six years, the Millennial generation will make up 46% of the entire US workforce. Right now, the inside sales profession is seeing a lot of hungry, ambitious new talent flood into their organizations. They have some awesome natural strengths (loving workplace collaboration, strong digital multitaskers, natural… Read more »

Why Millennials Don’t Care About Customer Service

I can’t help it — I still like to roll down my window when I’m driving and ask someone for directions. I also like to ask the server to recommend something when I’m ordering in a new restaurant. And I always ask the salesperson if the nearest register is open so I can pay for my things…. Read more »

Too Much Uninterrupted Screen Time for Inside Sales Reps Can Be Dangerous

Managers who are still obsessed with monitoring their reps’ online activity might be doing more harm than good with today’s workforce. A University of Cincinnati study conducted last year  examined online work breaks. Overall, it seems, employees who deviated from work-related tasks online were actually more productive and motivated than those who chose not to, or were… Read more »