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Dreamforce 2014 Is All About that Bass- Day One Recap

Lots of people were rockin’ at Dreamforce with our motivational powerhouse Tony Robbins, who reminded us that it’s all about the bass — along with a few other things. He is prolific, and his storytelling abilities are amazing. A few of my favorite Tony Robbins quotes: “Leaders anticipate, losers react” and “Successful people ask better questions, and as a… Read more »

Get Ready for Dreamforce ’14- Watch these Videos

Dreamforce is coming up next week and this will be my fifth time covering it and first time speaking. The biggest piece of advice I have about Dreamforce is preparing for it before it happens. Don’t wait to plan your conference agenda but learn about what is happening before attending. Julie Liegl is the Dreamforce… Read more »

Millennials: Stop Asking Mommy and Daddy for Career Advice

I keep telling my friend it isn’t a good idea to continue doing her senior college student’s homework for him. Because it won’t end there: Today’s parents continue to play a big role in negotiating, advising, and guiding their Millennial darlings when it comes to careers. CNBC recently reported on a survey of 22- to 26-year-old… Read more »

#Millennials Work on a Different Rhythm than Other Generations

For a generation brought up in a multi-tasking culture, it’s no wonder that managers and media are often scratching their heads and venting their frustration and confusion as to the work habits and rhythms of this newest working generation. It’s a common preference among Millennials to be shifting attention between quick digital tasks, especially when the easy and… Read more »