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Being Captain America: 4 Traits Sales Managers Must Have to Lead Sales Superheros

Captain America: The Winter Soldier just wrapped up another weekend at #1 in the nation with a whopping $41.3 million turnout. It currently holds the top US box office opening ever for the month of April and has maintained a solid 70 score on Metacritic and an 89% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.  It takes a… Read more »

Behind the Scenes — An AA-ISP Book of the Year’s First Year

This week, AA-ISP voted Smart Sales Manager Book of the Year! This is such a huge honor, and I am excited and grateful to be recognized among my industry giants.  From the moment I opened these huge boxes filled with my brand new, hot-off-the-press books, I got a burst of energy. Let the fun begin!… Read more »

18 Reasons Why I’m Ready for Hillary @#MKTGNATION14

Yesterday was Hillary Clinton’s keynote @ Marketo’s #MKTGNATION14. I remember thinking several months ago, when I saw her headlining, Really? Hillary is going to speak about Marketing Automation? Or is she just starting to campaign and wants to get in front of any crowds that fit her target demographics? A brief detour: Marketo’s President and… Read more »

“OMG! Something bad is gonna happen … my manager just called me into his office!”

Millennials are this adventurous and worldly bunch that are going to rule the world — so why do they FREAK when their manager just wants to have a little tiny talk with them? Yes, we’re talking about the Lead Dev and Inside Salespeople who risk rejection on a minute-by-minute basis. More and more managers complain… Read more »