Inside Sales Thought Leadership

Too Much Uninterrupted Screen Time for Inside Sales Reps Can Be Dangerous

Managers who are still obsessed with monitoring their reps’ online activity might be doing more harm than good with today’s workforce. A University of Cincinnati study conducted last year  examined online work breaks. Overall, it seems, employees who deviated from work-related tasks online were actually more productive and motivated than those who chose not to, or were… Read more »

Research Confirms Texting Realities in Inside Sales

According to a new study conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of OneReach, 81% of people in the U.S. are frustrated with having to sit through a phone call or computer session with a service or sales rep, while 64% say they would prefer to handle it by text messaging. Not only is it more convenient…. Read more »

A Sales Floor Designed with Motivation in Mind: New Studies on Motivational Workplaces

The trend for an office that is open, collaborative, and social (not walled-in and private) is a great thing for inside sales. You can check out the many benefits of a sales floor designed with collaboration in mind in our recent post. But the benefits actually go beyond collaboration and interaction. More open sales floors also allow for… Read more »

Which Seating Arrangement Is Most Motivating for Your Inside Sales Teams?

Your inside sales team’s focus and momentum can make or break your sales quota. And believe it or not, seating arrangements have a big effect on whether they can stay focused, gain momentum, and ultimately stay motivated. Everyone has sat next to that slacker inside sales rep who hardly made any calls all day. We’ve… Read more »

August Infographics

You know it, you love it…let’s jump right in to this month’s favorite infographics. How to Influence & Persuade - Take a look at the science behind the art of persuasion. The Best Email Subject Line for Salespeople - A big study of email subject lines comes to an…intriguing conclusion. The 5-Minute LinkedIn Marketing Plan - A couple of short… Read more »