Customized Global Training for Inside Sales Teams and Managers

Whether you have a team of new managers, coaches, and team leads or a seasoned team of managers, directors, and VPs, we’ve worked with and helped improve inside sales organizations of all types. We’ve worked with all sizes, too, scaling our solutions to fit the 12-person team as well as organizations of up to 1,500 people.

Sales Manager Training


TeleSmart Communications trains managers to run high-performing inside sales teams.  Our managerial playbook Smart Sales Manager, guides managers on the skills and strategies they need to run a high-performance organization and carry their inside sales teams to the next level of excellence.

Programs for Managers

  • Smart Sales Manager Training: We’ll address the critical components of being a successful Inside Sales Manager: identifying skill gaps with your teams, understanding how to develop and grow talent, driving revenue, and being an effective strategic leader.
  • Sales Conferences & Kick-offs: When global inside sales teams come together at their annual sales conference, they invite Josiane to speak. Her motivational, energizing, and fun topics are memorable and raise the viability of the inside organization.
  • Inside Sales Department Audit: If you already have an established inside sales department and want to tune up your talent and bring it to the next level of excellence, our quick audit provides a road-map and helps you prioritize what to focus on. If your organization has undergone some big changes in the last few years, that’s even more reason for a tune-up.


Inside Sales Team Training

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TeleSmart customizes sales team training for the unique needs and complexities of your inside organization. Our solutions are relevant for everyone from new hires to seasoned sales pros, within organizations sized from 12 to 1,500 people.

Our TeleSmart 10 System is a trusted and proven inside sales solution. Our bestselling inside sales sourcebook, Smart Selling on the Phone and Online, lays the foundation for our in-demand team solutions.

Today’s inside sales organization is a complex system that requires teams for lead development, telesales, renewals, hybrid inside sales, channel, management and more. Each team has a unique mix of people and skills.

Programs for Teams

  • Inside Sales Team Training: Our customized and interactive training is an excellent team builder, motivator, and highly educational experience packed into two full days.  It is based on our proven TeleSmart 10 sales system — the essential skills inside sales teams must have for phone + online + social media effectiveness.
  • Sales Productivity Coaching: Whether you want to break old habits or push yourself to a new level of sales excellence, working with a coach is the best investment you can make in your professional career. Josiane’s highly intuitive and expert 1:1 Productivity Coaching gets “up close and personal” with your unique style and provides immediate strategies for improvement.
  • Online Sales Training: For bite-sized training on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, our Virtual Training Webinars are the answer. The TeleSmart 10 skills are delivered in a customized, modular, and interactive webinar format. These regular Smart Shots are easily digestible in a time-pressured environment and a perfect complement to your other training. Read our press release.