Online Sales Training with Smart Shots Webinars


For bite-sized training on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, our Virtual Training Webinars are the answer. The TeleSmart 10 skills are delivered in a customized, modular, and interactive webinar format. These regular Smart Shots are easily digestible in a time-pressured environment and a perfect complement to your other training.

Based on our bestselling book, Smart Selling on the Phone and Online, these Smart Shots are quick shots of the TeleSmart 10 tactical skills designed for team members to use immediately.

Why Virtual Inside Sales Training makes sense:

  • No travel expenses. All 10 skills are delivered through web-conferencing webinars.
  • Demonstrate ROI and ramp up new hires fast. They can listen to the pre-recorded on-demand webinars.
  • Information is easily digestible in 60-minute shorts
  • Retention increases when learning focuses on one skill at a time
  • Train salespeople by replicating the interactive tools and technology they use most often — the telephone and online tools.
  • Salespeople are hungry for highly interactive, energetic, and relevant topics that address their everyday experience.
  • Your small inside sales team needs ongoing and consistent training.
  • Your team headcount changes so fast that it’s impossible to nail down a training date.

Want more information on our Virtual Training Smart Shots Webinars?

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