Sales Productivity Coaching

Ready, Set, Coach! The Smart Selling on the Phone and Online Private Coaching Program

Our Smart Selling on the Phone and Online personalized one-on-one coaching program will jump-start your inside sales success. Each coaching session is designed to sharpen your sales and prospecting skills. Coaching provides structure, support and feedback.

Coaching starts right where you are, analyzing your sales and prospecting skills and helping you get results quickly. Each coaching session reviews your real-time recorded sales calls and emails to understand your unique sales pace, your personal strengths, how you sabotage yourself, and what areas need improvement.

Three sessions average 60 minutes in length. Here are some areas of focus:

  • Time management; daily activities and tools management
  • Review the Triple Threat = email + voice-mail + social messaging
  • Develop and role-play qualification questions
  • Practice delivering a clear call objective
  • Presenting and articulating the solution
  • Objection rebuttal strategies

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